So I try to be optomistic in the morning. I am not really a fan of getting up, but once I do I am usually pretty perky. Not today.

I woke up and it was insanely cold in my house. So the first thing I do is go into the bathroom to wash my hands. I put soap in one hand and go to turn on the tap with other. Fuck. No water! I didn’t quite get it but I thought maybe the water had be turned off so the tap wouldn’t drip. Fine. I carried my soap downstairs.

I washed my hands in the kitchen and go to make coffee. No ground coffee! Grr. So I grind some coffee and make it. Then I pull out my wonderful waffle maker and make me a waffle (that is of course why I got up earlier than I had to before work!). Shortly after, when my coffee is brewed, I go to the fridge. No milk! No coffee for me today. Then I go to get stuff out for my waffle. No butter! No Yogurt! That’s ok I can just use syrup. It won’t be great but I obviously can’t have cereal (no milk). But then I find some plain yogurt in the fridge and think my morning has been saved. So I put it all over my waffle (it’s a weird thing we do) and lick the fork, and then almost throw up. Yep. You guessed it. The yogurt has gone off. It’s amazing how good this morning has been. Can it get better? You betcha. So after I throw my entire breakfast out, and don’t get coffee, I make a crappy sandwich and go upstairs.
Now being from the Yukon, you’d think I would think about these things, but I didn’t. It wasn’t that the sink just wasn’t working, the whole damn bathroom is frozen. Know what that means? No shower! I have to be at work in 27 minutes and no shower.

I hate mornings.

I’m going to test out the basement. I hope foreveryone’s sake that that shower is working or it is going to be a long day!


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