Soul Searching

So I have just spent the last two hours soul searching. It may have just been because I didn’t have music to listen to and was forced to sit in silence and really think, but that doesn’t matter. In any event, I apologize ahead of time that is not going to come out nearly as eloquently as it was occurring in my brain.

I got to thinking on the way home about who I was and what defines me. And then I got to thinking about who was in my life and why the hell they are there. I came to the conclusion that it is all about needs. I don’t mean superficial needs, or one person filling the needs of another on a one-way street. I mean the needs that are fulfilled by others in a relationship. We have so many different relationships in our lives and even ones like friendship are so very different from each other.

Not all of our friends can reach down into the core of our souls and really “get” us. And really, we don’t want them too. Our lives are a complex net of needs we need fulfilled in ourselves, and needs we fulfill for others. This is a good thing. That is what human interaction is about; but, I really got to thinking about those select few who really help to shape your life, and keep you grounded.

The conclusion that I have come to is that the people that are the most important in my life are the ones I really respect. I respect them for very different reasons, but it is respect nonetheless.

There are people that from the very beginning you trust. It has nothing to do with how much you see them, or what you do or talk about when you do see them. These are the people that you know are in it for the long haul and when you need them, they’ll be there. I am not sure what life would be like if you didn’t have people you could put your absolute faith in.

There are other people (and maybe they are some of the same people) that you respect just because they are genuinely good. They don’t need reasons to be good people, it is just who they are. And more than likely these good people don’t get recognized in the midst of this desensitized world filled violence and hate, but they have a profound effect on individual lives. Even though it is not always evident that it is appreciated, I’m sure glad to know that those people have always got my back – or anyone else’s in their lives.

And finally, there are people, or maybe just a person, who really get you. I don’t really know how to explain this any other way. They just get you. Really, I’m amazed that anyone comes close to getting me. I’m a little insane. But they do.

The End.


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