Ammendment to be….

This is an ammendment to my previous posts. Apparently I sound like a big ole hater. I’m not really. Vienna is alright – I don’t love the city but it was a good experience. I have, however, had a very delightful week in Vienna with delightful company. No time wasted – Paris is just way cooler;)Here is my favourite thing in all of Vienna though: The Hundewasser Apartment complex and gallery village (we actually didn’t go into the actual gallery but we bought some postcards).

Just Kirsten and I went there today. Afterwards, I led the way, full-steam ahead, through a little bit of sketchy-looking part of Vienna (which apparently nothing sketchy ever actually happens in because Vienna is incredibly safe) to find our way back to the U-bahn. Yeah, it was a little spooky and yes, Kirsten must have a lot of faith in me, but we made it and now I have seen parts of Vienna that I am sure most tourists (or perhaps Vienese people) will never see.

One of many pay toilets in Europe. This one has
a sister toilet near the Opera house called…
wait for it… wait for it….
The Opera Toilet
For 60 euro cents it could have been cleaner…
I should also mention that I also led us slightly astray (but easily fixable) at midnight the other night up a very dark street. Again though, we lived.

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