Simply Barcelona

Blog 317. Day 14. Barcelona.

So I´m here. I made it. 3 countries down, 3 to go! I have been in Barcelona since Monday afternoon. It is a beautiful city – some of the joys of south America but not as dirty, corrupt or poor (those are Ben´s words). Anna took me out touring the city on our first afternoon. I´m not going to list everything I saw but apparently I need to tell you that I saw some Gaudi buildings (I think Gaudi is Barcelona´s Jesus) The first one below is not one of them. The Gaudi buildings are the ones that look like caves out of Alice in Wonderland.

This one below is a Gaudi

This one too.We also walked down this strip of road where the sell pets on the street. Apparently going there is the highlight of any 5-year old´s life. Not only do they sell budgies, bunnies, chickens, turkeys, and turtles like you see below, but they sell…..

Pigeons! Yes, that´s right, dirty, creepy pigeons! And no, not special pigeons, just the same gross ones little kids try to kick in Toronto. The best part of this, which unfortunately you couldn´t see in the picture, was the caged pigeons´s brothers and sisters were running free all over the streets and right beneath the cage. Why would I buy a pigeon (ignoring the obvious reasons why not) when I could get my net or seal-club and go out and catch my own?¿

After the pigeon we went to drink a hot cup of chocolate pudding with 10 lbs of whipped cream on top accompanied by deep-fried sugar bread to dip in it. Normally it actually sounds pretty good but I think this time the chocolate thing went a little too far – even for me. Once you get through even a little of the cream it is hard to even think about wanting to drink a cup of think melted chocolate. The deep fried thing, on the other hand, (called a Churo) is the best thing Spain has to offer!

The next day, while Anna was at work, I went to some old Imperial Palace (which possibly had as many stairs as the eiffel tower) to the Catalan Art Museum. I liked the building more than I liked most of the art but now I can say I have seen some Picassos and I still don´t get it.

I then sat on a lot of street benches to get out of the sun. As I waited for Anna out side the University of Barcelona, a sneaky old man got to talk to me by first asking for the time, and then launching in to 15 minutes of conversation about Canadians he had met and women who bumped into him on the street and didn´t apologize. It was riveting, as you can imagine. I guess I´m charming. Anyway, then Anna and I went to a restauarant for lunch with a prix fixe menu. For a whopping 10€ we got a giant salad, a main course, your choice of dessert or coffee and yoru choice of drinks. But it wasn´t just a choice between coke or pepsi, it was a choice between either wine or water! Water and wine are in the same price category! (which either says a lot about the water or a lot about the wine!) Even better was that it wasn´t a measily glass of wine, it was a half litre of wine all to myself! Needless to say we were both a little drunk at 3 in the afternoon.

So next time you go to the LCBO to buy a nice bottle of Catalan wine remember that here they lock up their most expensive bottles because they cost 14€ and who knows what havoc might break out if someone got their hands on those!

Finally yesterday we went to the Park Guell and to visit Anna´s grandmother. The park, another Gaudi, was, according to Anna, trying to make a city within the city so this park has a few houses and a school etc.She said he was like a communist. I´m not sure that is what she meant but it is funnier if I assume it is. It was beautiful but the bottle of wine I had just consumed combined with falling asleep on the bus up didn´t make me the most enthusiastic at the time.
Anyway, below are some photos.


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