I am in Madrid now. This will be the world´s fastest blog post because I don´t know how to ask for more time in Spanish.

We arrived in Madrid at 9pm last night. Our flight was an hour late. We are staying in a hostel (but a more grown up hostel apparently). It is a large building with 5 different hostels on 5 different floors. Coolest part is that the elevator has a little man that lights up to tell you if you weigh too much for the the elevator. If the light goes up to his head then you need to diet! The room itself is possibly the least pleasant place I have stayed. It is clean enough but when they say that there is a shower in the room they actually mean IN the room. It is over in the corner and is a tiled closet with only a curtain. No spiders atleast.

We also have three single beds which takes up the entire width of the room! No space at all! It´s alright though. The real problem is that the balcony door doesn´t close properly and we are on a very busy street that on thursday night is filled with garbage trucks, piano players, and angry spanish men shouting obsenities that I don´t understand. Needless to say it wasn´t the best night sleep I have ever had.

Today we had churos for breakfast (see my Barcelona post for an explantion) and some crazy-strong coffee. We also had coffee in some famous writers cafe but it didn´t mean a lot to me.

In the afternoon we rented a row-boat in a park. It was as if I was in a Hugh Grant romantic comedy but instead I was a third wheel to my brother and his girlfriend. Not really the same I guess. It was cool though; we chased ducks.

I took piles of pictures but mostly with Ben´s fancy camera. So, as long as we don´t get violently robbed of said camera, I will post those pictures plus the Morocco ones once I get to Berlin next week.

That is all for now. I am running out of time. Continue to email me. It makes me feel popular.


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