Milan, Berlin, The End

So this will be quick and dirty because I am hella-sick of the blog posting.

After Morocco I went to Milan for dinner. Pretty damn cool thing to do. Well, really we were there for 7 hours but by the time you account for airport times and buses it was down to 3. So we met up with a friend of Ben’s and I decided what I wanted to do in Italy was eat Italian food, of course.

Italian Pizza? AMAAAAAZZZZING. Gelato? Very Good. Latte? Yummy and CHEAP!

Friday, in Berlin, I slept. Possibly a Moroccan death bug – but maybe more likely just fatigue. Saturday Ben took me on a history tour of Berlin (as only Ben would) and we saw a British movie called “In Bruges” (I reccommend it to those who aren’t easily offended). After that we wandered the streets with a german beer in hand like the cool kids do.

Today we went to this communist planned city of Eisenhuntenstadt. Wikipedia the history because it is too much effort to explain here. It was kind of eerie – maybe just because everything is closed on Sundays in Europe, but there was no one on the street.

We then took the train to frankfurt Oder (Not THE frankfurt but the OTHER Frankfurt) and walked accross the bridge to Poland.

The End.

Tomorrow I am heading to the zoo to visit Knut, and Tuesday I head home. I am really looking forward to a break in sight seeing and my own bed!

Thanks to everyone who made this trip possible. I have had 5 very distinct weeks in 5 countries, 8 cities, 9 flights, 7 trains, and a partridge in a pear tree. I will resume my regular scheduled programming starting Wednesday. Someone call me!


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