No pain, no gain?

So I have barely been able to type for a week because I have tendonitits in my wrist. For most people this wouldn’t signal the end of the world – but I stress to you: I’m not most people! I was finally feeling in the mood to blog for the first time in 6 months, and I couldn’t!

Now, I often wonder who I pissed off up there to end up with this body. I went through a phase of spraining my ankle 4 or 5 times a year, I break toes, walk into tables, have chronic headaches, and bruise if you look at me too long, so tendonitis is hardly a surprise. What it proves though is that as much as I say “I can quit whenever I want to…. I just don’t want to”, I’m clearly one with my computer. (Sidenote: Read this great article about someone just like me… sort of)

So what did you miss out on while I was out of commission? The first thing I wanted to write about was good people. I like to think I’m a pretty decent person – I give up my seat to old people on the TTC (if they can prove they’re old), I tell people if they’ve undercharged me, and I rarely kick puppies; but when I was on the subway last week, I still didn’t sit beside the homeless man without socks. (it probably wouldn’t have made a difference if he was wearing socks anyway). Sure I wasn’t mean, and there was a chance of tuberculosis, but he was still a human.

When getting off, a woman offered him a $5 bill (which he didn’t want). Maybe she was doing it to make up for the bad karma in her life, maybe she was doing it because it made her feel good inside, or maybe she just did it to be a decent person. But really, who cares? She did it, and no one else on the train (including me) did.

You know how I feel about the world these days: everything upsets me, everything scares me. I often wonder how we let things get this bad and if they will ever get better. So, it is small gestures like this that make me happy that there are good people out there. Because, once they are gone, what’s the point?


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