Marry Me, Bamix!

Dear Bamix Mixing Machine,

I’m not sure if you remember me – I hope you do – we met this weekend at the home show. Oh what a day that was. At first I wasn’t going to stop – I’d been sucked into your magic before – but I was hungry and you were mixing up ice cream. So I stopped. And I watched as you whipped skim milk into light, fluffy “cream”, and chopped frozen berries without breaking a sweat. You whipped the two together effortlessly and, when you were finished, we were left with the most amazing, sweet, fresh tasting ice cream I’ve ever put in my mouth.

I’d like to say that I walked away, but we both know I couldn’t. You had me. I had to wait and see what you’d make next.

Next. The smooth, garlicky mayonnaise. You sucked me in with promises of my health, but we both know that that was just a cover to make me give in.

Oh Bamix mixer, it took all that I had in me to walk away from you. I still think of you. Do you think of me? I’ll come back for you in a year’s time. Be ready.

Your not-so-secret admirer.


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