Comparing Apples with Lesbians.

Oh CBC. Just when I was starting to like you (and blog about you), you go and disappoint me like this.

Spoiler (as I like to do). I was eagerly waiting to watch Being Erica last night after declaring my love for it/her earlier in the day. I settle in to a delightful start of her super-cute boyfriend Ryan declaring his love and freaking her out, then getting wildly jealous of super-cute Ethan blah blah blah. Erica lies to Ryan about kissing Ethan, and then gets sent back in time to be honest with her super-cute lesbian temporary best friend so she can keep that friendship.

So when did being honest to your friends about your sexuality, accidentally kissing said friend and having an HBO-style topless makeout session equal I-can’t-commit-to-my-current-boyfriend-because-I’m-into-my-married-male-best-friend?

Hurray for you, CBC, you’re progressive. I get it. You can have lesbian characters and prove that you are completely hip and modern by having no one on the show make a big deal about the fact that there are lesbians lurking around. The trouble is, this wasn’t the time.

The end result of Erica grabbing the lesbian’s breasts was not “whoo hoo I have discovered who I am”, it was “oh yeah, I forgot I am totally not in to this but now I know I’m not into my boyfriend either”. The final message of the show was that if you can’t give a relationship 100% of yourself then you shouldn’t be in it. If the reason you can’t be in the relationship is because you like opposite sexes, that’s a very different issue.



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