A Little Thing Called Passion

I’ve never really understood how people write blogs with one theme. Perhaps it is just that my brain is scattered and the rest of the world can actually focus on one topic at a time. But I guess more than not having the ability to do it, I wonder if I really want to.

I like to write about things I am passionate about at that moment. Ok, rant is probably a better word. For the most part I don’t expect anyone beyond my circle of best friends to actually read it, (but I still frantically check my sitemeter stats to see if any strangers have been lurking in the bushes) so I write for an intended audience of me. I squirm when I read poorly written facebook statuses that are missing apostrophes, I fume at weak story lines in my favourite shows, I rave about small kitchen appliances that I only get to own in imagination land, but once the emotion has passed, I don’t have anything to say. As it turns out though, when it comes to toning down the “passion”, I am at a complete loss for words.

Take my recent experiences trying to blog about blankets people buy for their pets on my work blog. I wasn’t sure how to start the blog so I decided to first upload the pictures and hope that they’d inspire some brilliance. They didn’t. Next I tried to come up with a relevant, personal back story that could lead in to talking about my intended subject. I wrote a paragraph, (an ok but not mind-blowing paragraph) and a few one-liners beneath the photos. It was crap. I tried to visualize my (stupidly) Simpson-themed dogs of my childhood and channel some of those happy feelings. No luck.

The trouble is that I don’t have a clue to make this topic interesting for anyone else to read because I haven’t figured out what part of it is interesting to me. It isn’t the topic that is the problem, it is the search for an angle. I know that there is an angle in there but without a trigger, I can’t seem to find it.

Perhaps this is a good exercise in writing, rather than ranting. Maybe I will sit down tomorrow and feel passionate. But, at the moment, my draft has gone to the dogs.


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