I’m going to admit it. I’m a big ‘ole social networking agist. Yes, I finally broke down and let my dad be my friend (who afterwards got completely freaked out that he was invading my privacy and described my friends as silly), and I consistently make fun of a friend when his grandmother writes on his wall and signs it “gramma”, but babies? Come on!

Now I haven’t fully developed my opinion on posting pictures of your kids on the internet. Posting pictures of kids on public blogs freaks me out a little but I do like to see pictures of my friends’ kids on their facebook. But what about parents who create facebook profiles on behalf of their kids? Is it so I can read {baby}John Smith pooped today? Or read a wall post from {baby} John Smith saying fghgksefh (I assume that is how baby talk is spelled)? Or is it maybe because these particular parents are just self-indulgent baby pimps?

I’ve only actually encountered two of these profiles (I assume that is a statistically accurate sample of the greater facebook population)but I feel even that small of a number needs to be nipped in the bud. Catbook, Dogbook, ok. Yes, I still think it is stupid, but I can get over it because … well… pet people get weird (don’t worry Wesley, I approve of your catbook). But how about this baby-pimp-parents: Post pictures of your children on YOUR FB page because they are an essential part of your life. Do not prescribe personality, abilitity or agency on a creature not yet capable of feeding itself nor maintaining any sense of hygiene. Love your children but don’t whore your children. And mostly, just stop pissing me off.


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