Vacuuming is My Thing

I just entered a fun blog contest for CBC’s Canada Writes. The rules – you have 1 hour to write a 200 word blog about one of the three subjects: “Michael Jackson is my Hero”, “Vacuuming is My Thing” and “Ramblings of A Short Man”. Since I am clearly not a short man, nor do I idolize Michael Jackson (I get enough flak for idolizing Celine!), I wrote about vacuuming.

Click here to see all the blogs. Then search “Lizz” to find my blog and vote for me. Nothing says friendship like helping your friend win an Ipod!

This is my entry:

It wasn’t until I moved into a basement apartment that I could truly appreciate the beauty of a vacuum cleaner. With a paralyzing fear of bugs and all things creepy crawly, there has been very little I could do to stand up for myself in the face of spider-danger. Once I completely surrendered the top floor of the house and slept on the couch to escape a creature in the bedroom. Another time I threw books at a GIANT spider until it stopped moving and then covered the body with a bowl (just in case it wasn’t dead) and waited for help to arrive.

Now that I live in the basement of a hundred year old house I have even more uninvited guests (sometimes in the hundreds) that come to play and refuse to leave.

Enter vacuum.

All of a sudden I’m in charge! I have 12 amps of power coming from “The Boss” in my left hand, and a hose in my right. I’m a one-woman, bug-killing army and the message is clear: don’t mess with me bugs! I am no longer a prisoner. With the flip of a switch the enemy is dead. Vacuuming is totally my thing.


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