An Unhealthy Obsession? I think not!

I need your help again. I really like to win things – usually it doesn’t matter what. This time it is an iPod. So for the next few weeks I need you to read and rate my blog (which, as it turns out, really is much better than the other ones) HERE Be sure to search LIZZ.

The rules of the contest are not completely clear so to cover myself I am dilligently writing every week. The topic this week was a rant about “An Unhealthy Obsession”. This is what I wrote:

Advertising executives make A LOT of money. They’re paid to be witty, and to suck you in with catchy phrases and sexy pictures. So with all that money, how is it that no one has ever gotten around to teaching them the finer, or even basic, points of grammar?

I can’t stand poorly written advertising. It makes my blood boil. Unlike most people who read the Tim Horton’s billboard that says “In 30 minutes this pot is dead”, I start ranting to the person beside me saying “unless that pot is going in front of a firing squad I don’t think it will die – especially since you can’t kill a pot.”

The car ad that says “2 cars for under $15,000”? Lizz says: “Each! 2 cars each for under $15,000!” One word would have made me happy. Instead, they are just flat out lying (possibly amended in the fine print that no one can ever read).

I’m clearly part of a dying breed, but I can’t understand why people don’t care. Grammar is the foundation of communication. Language is a beautiful thing if used appropriately. It’s time advertisers stopped selling catch phrases, and started using the English language properly.


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