Snuggie Crime Fighters – From Sea to Sky

This is my penultimate attempt at winning the iPod touch from the cash-strapped Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. This week’s challenge was a movie pitch based on three pre-determined topics/titles. The post is below, but MAKE SURE to go to the site (HERE) and vote for my entry… otherwise I’ve made you read all of this for nothing.

Setting: The rocky coast of Newfoundland

Tagline: A knock at the door will forever change their lives… and the world.

Cynthia and Francis receive a knock on their door one foggy October morning. A package rests on their stoop with a note attached: “Fulfil your destiny”.

Inside the box they discover a matching set of cozy blankets with arms – Snuggies! Soon they discover that they have been endowed with magical powers and insane crime fighting abilities.

They travel the coast of Newfoundland seeking out doers of evil and bringing them to justice while simultaneously saving small children and puppies.

When they realize that their powers are too great for one region alone, they vow to protect the entire world. With a jet plane from Danny Williams’ private collection, the Snuggie-crime-fighters set out to thwart evil in the darkest corners of the earth.

But danger is never far behind a true crime fighter. Professor Frost, the master of uncomfortable-cold, threatens to blanket the world in ice. Can the duo stop him before he ruins humanity? Will they make it out alive? Can their Snuggies really keep them warm enough to vanquish their enemies while keeping their arms free for battle?


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