‘Tis the Season

Let me start this post with a disclaimer (specifically for you, dad): I am NOT getting married for a long, long time. I did, however, open (via the internet) the Life section of the Globe and Mail this morning to discover two different articles/essays on weddings (not to mention 3 other links to other wedding articles from the day before). This some how led me down the path of imagination-land wedding planning all before finishing my cup of coffee or taking a shower.

How exactly did I get suckered into dreaming about weddings? I’m 23 and not even remotely interested in naming my wedding day as the most important day of my life. But I guess I am a sucker for pretty things and even bigger sucker for an opportunity to plan the hell out of something (my not-so-secret hobby).

So as the girl that doesn’t believe in engagement rings and would much rather put a down payment on a house than buy a fancy dinner for 150 of my not-so-closest friends and relatives, I enjoyed this article – because so many things in life clash when you are trying to tell the world you’re a feminist but have a lifetime of subliminal, and overt, messages about the things you should want.

I also thought this article was pretty fun too. After attending a wedding last fall that felt completely suited to the Bride and Groom rather than to a traditional wedding magazine, I realized that weddings don’t have to be as bad as tv makes them out to me… just as bad/good as you make them out to be.


4 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season

  1. So you’re not bitter that your invitation to my wedding was by e-mail on two days’ notice? Clearly, we are trendsetters. (I know they didn’t actually talk about invitations by e-mail, but presumably that’s as DIY as you can get! Along with $2 wedding rings.)
    Anyway, thanks for the disclaimer – I was starting to get worried when I read the title 😉

  2. No, I’m still completely bitter. Not for the type of invitations but for the event occurring 3 seconds after I left

  3. Yes, it was on purpose, just to prove how much we don’t like you.
    You can get your revenge by not inviting me to the next wedding (hypothetical or real) that you plan.

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