Commenting commenters

I HATE the comments that people post on newspaper articles. HATE! HATE! HATE! While there may be a few okay points made, they are always over shadowed by blatant grammatical errors, and other far more illogical points that negate the good ones.

Here are a few of my favourites in response to Joe Fiorito’s article about the need to lend out unused Sky Dome corporate boxes to “the needy”:

“And piss off every paying customer. Why should I pay good money I worked hard to earn for a ticket when a homeless guy gets in for free? Fiorito preaches communism.” Love the American GOP and Stephen Harper

“I cannot afford to go to games, but I’d sure like to go.” Ok, I’m making fun of the poor, pro-communist, Joe-The-Plumber here, but tickets cost $11, buddy. Too poor to go to the games? I practically live in a cardboard box and still manage to see 10 games a year.

Sure, I could have shared comments on a more serious article, but those generally infuriate me more and are not as fun as this:

AS IF that will ever happen.!! I am not too sure people would like to sit next to a homeless person who hasnt bathed in weeks. I don’t think Joe is suggesting YOU share the box with the stinky, homeless man. But just in case, bring a noseplug.

So I have to ask myself: why do newspapers let people comment on their stories? Perhaps it is because they want the reader to feel more engaged with the content? Are they trying to be more at one with the people? Down with the newspaper elite? Who knows. Maybe it is really just to add some free content to the page.

In any respect, it ruins my reading experience. I choose my newspaper based on the general political stance it takes on issues. For instance, I think the National Post is run by fascists. Do I read their right-wing columnists and then complain that it is too right-wing? No. That would be ridiculous. Just as ridiculous as calling Joe Fiorito of the Toronto Star a communist.

I’m all for people getting up on their soap box. That is why I have a blog. Get your own blog, morons, so you can whine to your heart’s content.

P.S. To all you guys who think that it would be terrible for big business to do as Joe suggests, consider the amazing PR opportunities. During a recession is the best time for corporations to get some good press with very little spending. Even by paying for food for these people, the company would be spending a lot less than the cost of an advertisement. The public’s impression of a company’s goodwill goes a long way.


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