You’ll be the death of me….

Those of you who know me know that I’ve never met a rule I didn’t like. I think rules are awesome, structure makes the world go ’round, and laws are there for a reason. And I hate people who like to pretend they’re such anarchists by purposefully disobeying rules because The Man is infringeing on their rights to do whatever the hell they want. Why? Because you f**kers are going to kill me!

I’ve been riding a bike for 2 weeks and I’ve already developed some pretty serious cyclist road-rage. But not at drivers.

Yes, the guy who parked in the bike lane today (and every other day for that matter) infuriates me (I really don’t care if you’re just going to be a minute, drive your lazy butt around the corner because that lane is mine!), and yes, the guy who drove into oncoming traffic to get around me because I had to use the road (because the aforementioned asshole was in the bike lane) needs a good kick in the head, but I’m not going to write an angry blog about how much Toronto driver’s suck (they do) or that there aren’t enough bike lanes and the ones that are there are full of pot holes (there aren’t, and they are), because it’s been done. And everyone knows that and there is little I can do about it anyway besides write my city councillor a letter (which I am considering as soon as I find out who it is). I’m angry with all the bad cyclists out there.

A few things:

1) Use your bell. It is not just there to look pretty. Bikes are quiet. If you’re passing someone and don’t let them know then you’re a) just going to freak newbie-people like me out or b) potentially crash when they move within the bike lane (or possibly out without signalling – which is wrong but is still going to hurt when you collide)

2) Stop at red lights and stop signs. When you don’t, you’re just fueling the fire of those anti- bike-lane assholes and making the situation worse. Not to mention, you’re going to either hit someone, or get hit. And if that someone is me then I’m going to be really pissed off.

3) Wear a helmet. Please. I’m not angry at you for this one, I’m concerned. I know a helmet won’t always help save you when terrible accidents happen, but if there is even a chance it could save your life, won’t you try? A more skeptical person would point out that you’ll be a burden on the healthcare system once you’re a vegetable (and therefore your need to assert your rights infringes on my rights), but I really just don’t want to see any more people die this summer. Please?


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