Summarizing my year on the social networks

I generally don’t participate in Facebook application games – mostly because each time I have to give that program “access to my informaiton”. What that actually means isn’t completely clear, so I can only assume that it means some hacker in his mother’s basement now knows a few things about me, or some corporation now knows something personal about me.  Since I enter enough contests to put me on every mailing list possible I guess it is too late to protect myself from the corps…

But today I caved. My cousin, a heavy consumer of facebook “apps”, created a collage of her facebook statuses of the year. Basically, some program scans all of your posted statuses and randomly selects a chunk. They are then displayed on a colourful background with a spirally flourish.  I was sucked in by the recap of many of her clever statuses – most importantly the one that read “LIZZ IS THE BEST!!!!!!”.  So I made my own.  As it turns out, I’m not as interesting or as clever as I thought I was: (click the image to read it properly)

When my cousin’s reminded of how cute she is.  When my boyfriend later posted his own, I thought gee, that sure sounds like himwitty, enthusiastic, and, as always, completely arrogant (in a good way) .  When I read mine, all I could think was Hmm. I sound like a bit of an idiot.


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