Kate’s New Hair

Seriously. Aren’t we over the Gosselin’s yet?

People Magazine, home of very serious news, made the announcement on their cover last week. Kate Gosselin, the woman known for her spacious womb and bad haircut, has a “new look”. (People seems to have orchestrated the event, but that’s beside the point). The magazine also revealed the all too familiar sentiment that that Gosselin was “starting over.”

Perhaps the move was inspired by the sheer humiliation that wigs of her signature, seemingly mullet-inspired, haircut were top-sellers across North America.  Or maybe it was because her sleaze of an ex-husband found yet another new girlfriend.

But more likely it was because things like new haircuts on reality stars sell magazines.  Like most people who are famous for being famous, Gosselin knows that keeping her name in the news is the only thing that is going to get her a new TV show now that she can no longer exploit her children’s daily routines.  She’s clearly not an idiot. Amoral, but not an idiot.

I like gossip as much as the next person – ok, maybe more than the next person – but are we so desperate to forget our lives in someone else’s that this is news?

On the up side, at least I don’t have to hear about Tiger Woods anymore… oh wait. Nevermind. There he is again.


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