The Failures of the Public School System

I am, in general, not fond of most Facebook groups. They’re silly, indulgent, and in many cases, offensive.  There are a few I can appreciate, but on the whole, they don’t work.

When the invitation to this group arrived in my inbox, I was fresh off the heels of being irritated by the status updates revealing bra colour
(bras = breasts = curing cancer?) and therefore probably more prone to irritation.  But really?

“I Bet we could get 1000 Yukoner Fans b4 any Province Gets a Million Fans!!!

Of all the things that are ridiculous about this group – the idea that Yukoners are so hard done by despite their hugely inflated territorial budget, or that somehow any similarly stupid groups “representing” provinces are making northerners look bad – what I really take issue with is the math, or lack thereof.

According to Wikipedia (which is as accurate as is necessary for a blog about Facebook):

Population of the Yukon 33,000

Population of Ontario, Canada’s most populated province, 13, 000, 000

Population of Canada 33,000,000

So just in case it isn’t clear, The Yukon is a thousandth of the size of Canada, not any province individually.

The goal of this group is to get 1000 members before any province can get 1,000,000.

Of course you can get to one thousand before a province can get to one million, you morons.  A million is a waaaaay bigger number.  Do some math.

This is why I tell people I’m from Toronto.


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