Wii Fit Day 1: Fumble and Hurt

The Wii called me obese!

After struggling to get the machine to actually start up, I began the balance, weight, and Wii Age tests. The news isn’t good.

I apparently have poor balance – Wii asked me if I fall down a lot (the answer is yes), I am “obese” (I beg to differ) and I have a Wii age of 39 – 15 years older than my actual age.

Sigh. So far, not so good.

After Wii broke the bad news to me, it fattened up my Mii (who was purposely ugly to begin with, but now her pants don’t fit).

The first task I did was the aerobic step class. Unfortunately, the balance board was off and claimed I missed 50% of the steps. Now, I know I’m not a particularly coordinated or rhythmic person, but I guarantee I didn’t miss half the steps. Boo on that. It was a 1 star calorie burn, but I did get credit for the 3 minutes of exercise time. After 6 minutes of very slow stepping, I hate to admit it, but I was tired!

Next, Ryan and I “raced” eachother in a running race. Surrounded by other Miis, and a lead Mii (like a pilot car on the highway) to follow, we jogged in place. I was exhausted by the end of it, but since you can run slower or fast depending on how fast you shake your arms, I’m not convinced my “calorie roaster” status is accurate.

Next I hula hooped. This is one of those times that you’re really glad that the only person in the room is a man who loves you. I looked ridiculous as the hoop virtually circled my hips and I leaned side to side trying to catch hula hoops over my head.. And it was hard. I could feel my stomach/core muscles aching by the end.

I tried a few of the balance games but all I learned is that I’m unbalanced. No surprise there.

Tomorrow I’ll give strength training and yoga a shot.


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