Wii Fit Day 2: Is it over yet?

The trouble with committing to this challenge is that now I have to do it. So when I got home at 10pm, exhausted from staying up too late last night to play with the Wii, and I had to workout.

I could easily have come home and sat down with a good game of mario… but I guess that is the trouble with mario.

Official results – down 1.5 pounds, but that could easily be account for with the change in my pants. From now on I will wear the same weigh in clothes – “Biggest Loser” style.

Today I forced myself to try the two sections I avoided yesterday – yoga and strenth training. Turns out I’m actually wicked at yoga, at least as far as keeping my balance in the right place goes. Strength training? Not so much.

I’m not sure you’ve ever seen a push-up go bad so quickly. No upper body strength. No core strength. After collapsing 1.5 seconds in, there is only one conclusion to draw: pathetic.

Also, Ryan and I are totally going to broken up after this experiment.

“Awesome. New High Score!”

“Oh yeah, watch this”

We’re petty children fighting for attention… whose I don’t know.

I unlocked a new version of the step class – it suggested I clap to the rhythm which threw me off entirely. I didn’t realize until the end that it actually wasn’t recording if I clapped or not, it was only recording where I put my feet.

After doing several cardio exercises, I could feel my body warming up and I was really thirsty. But I didn’t exactly break a sweat. Perhaps with more practice, or perhaps with longer spurts of cardio.

Other things I am awesome at? Hula Hooping because the Wii doesn’t realize I don’t have a waist, and ski jumping.

I went by Wii workout time (the actual time spent doing exercises) instead of clock time since I have to waste half my life choosing the right trainer to use and switching exercises. 32 minutes clocked today. New Wii Fit Age: 33

My hips hurt. Tomorrow my abs will surely ache. My arms are safe and sound because of their inability to support my body for any length of time.


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