Speak Often, Jon

I don’t really know why huge facets of the American media are so unreasonable (also sensationalist, racist, ignorant, inaccurate, and irresponsible). I also don’t know why Jon Stewart speaks brilliantly, so infrequently.

Stewart joined the ranks of the right in their den at Fox News — to Bill O’Reilly’s show to discuss the state of America, and his thoughts on Obama. Watch the video here (but be prepared to buffer!)

Jon Stewart is a very smart man, though you wouldn’t necessarily know it if you’ve only seen his show occasionally. While it clearly takes a good brain to  make thought-provoking jokes, it’s often difficult to take Stewart seriously when he’s criticizing a president, or a news organization in a stupid voice.

But then there are those brilliant times, like this time with O’Reilly, that I really have to stop and catch my breath.

I’ve reached a point where reasonable, intelligent words coming out of American media hosts is completely unexpected. Sure, not all of them are nut-bar, Teabaggers, but it is extremely rare to see anyone making points, whether positive of negative, without a hidden agenda.

Maybe I have low-standards, but Jon like this makes me swoon.

Watch the latest news video at video.foxnews.com


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