Wii Fit Day 4: Midnight Movements

The thing I like the best about the Wii fit is definitely that I can come home from work, have dinner, hang out with Ryan, invite guests over, and then do my workout at 11 pm without having to put my boots on and go to the gym.

I used to go to a gym that was on my way home — between the subway and my house. The idea was that if I walked by then I HAD to go in. But I was always starving after work, and tired. I needed a break. Of course if I went home for a break, I never went out again.

Con: I was working out for a super long time today- about 50 minutes. But I realized that at some point, my time counter had been reset. Turns out, Wii decide the day changed (10 minutes too early) and it was counting my workout as the next day. This is not the end of the world in the greater scheme of things, but for doing an experiment, or for anyone accurately recording info, it’s a pain.  If you’re like me and didn’t think to check the options (also don’t read instructions or follow recipes) then you wouldn’t know that you can set it for “night owl” for exactly this reason.

Pro: I unlocked boxing today and it is wicked fun. The more complicated moves (that you have to unlock after doing it twice) are hard, but once I get the rhythm down I’ll be cool.

Between the hula and the boxing I totally broke a sweat today. I’m kind of awesome.

I skipped strength training completely again. I know it is important, but it makes me feel fat and weak. Tomorrow I will guarantee some strength training time.

For the record, I weighed myself on an actual scale today to check to see that the Wii is accurate.

Sadly, it is.


3 thoughts on “Wii Fit Day 4: Midnight Movements

    1. Yeah, Boo. All I gotta say to that!

      I’ve worked up to a few of them I don’t mind – the kind that don’t make me hate myself quite as much as some of the others!

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