Wii Fit Day 7: Love and Hate

I hate my virtual trainer.

His voice is meant to be encouraging, but after a long day, it is just irritating. “You’re a little unsteady” or “You need to work on your strength”.

Just like any exercise regimen, I am one week in and my momentum is waning. It is not that there is anything really wrong with the Wii (except maybe the virtual trainer), it’s that it is exercise. Combine that with a busy life and it quickly becomes a burden.

When I got home at 9:30pm, all I wanted to do was check a few emails, get my stuff ready for tomorrow, and curl up in bed with Ryan. Instead, I put on my workout clothes, went to my living room, and got prepared for some digital abuse.

This is also why I love the Wii.

In any other situation I would have been able to talk myself out of exercising completely because it was late, cold outside, or I might get mugged my a clown on my way to the gym (far reaching excuses are sometimes necessary).

There are no excuses in my living room. So I did it, and somehow still managed to set new boxing and step aerobic records. Shocking.

The goals and records are my favourite part. As a person who never really likes to try anything I don’t already know I’ll be good at, I am goal oriented and like constant affirmation that I have done well. If you’re like me, you’ll like Wii fit. There are things I am much better at than Ryan, and vice versa. But even within those categories, I keep striving for a new high score.

Seeing a first place finish in boxing made me feel good enough to continue for another 20 minutes. It wasn’t the hardest I have ever worked out, but it was a good effort. And as always, it was better than sitting on my butt like I did for the other 10 hours of the day.

After a 2.5 lb weight loss yesterday, I was up another pound and a half. This isn’t shocking seeing as I weighed myself before dinner last night, and tonight I got home after gorging myself with meat pie knowing that I had to make it though a 12 hour fast for blood tests in the morning. Still, I am a pound lighter than I was when I began, and that’s pretty cool.


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