Wii Fit Day 9: Let the Boredom Begin

I am totally bored now.

Now that I have unlocked everything, the only thing I have to  look forward to is the promise of new games on the Wii Fit Plus. Please let the stores stock some soon.

Today I just did the longer versions of the things I’m good at. Six minutes straight of hula hooping is really hard.  I was pretty sure I was going to fall to the floor and die.  It is becoming clearer now that this is exercise, and as such, I need to consider form.  I injure easily.

I am already concerned about my knee. It is an injury coming back to visit from my running days. I have been wearing a knee brace just to walk to work, but I don’t think I can blame the Wii for that.  Just exercise in general.

Of course I should be doing my physio exercises – but I only remember 1 of them. Any physiotherapists out there wanna hook a girl up with some knowledge?

In the interest of calorie burn, I boxed for 10 minutes.  But six or so minutes in my mind started to wander.  Upgrading from beginner to intermediate was good — I got a few new routines, and a slightly longer time. Advancing again just meant recycled routines and a longer time. Is that all you’ve not, Nintendo?

One great thing I did discover today was that the ridiculous pockets in the back of cycling technical shirts (for water bottles???) are perfect for the running games. Wii suggest putting the remote in your pocket while you jog on the spot so that it can accurately pick up your movements. Since spandex pants (the gear motivates me) rarely have pockets, I always jogged with it in my hand (a Wii suggested alternative). The trouble with that is that movements were only recognized with big hand gestures. Lagging behind? Just shake your arms faster. Not exactly useful.

This time, remote in  pocket, I  jogged laps around my living room. It was far more interesting than standing in place (even though the running course on the TV wasn’t very stimulating) and provided a much more consistent pace.  76% burn rate instead of 35% – and I could feel the difference.

Weight? Back up to where I started. I am going to try to take a few minutes to weigh myself in the morning instead so my meals don’t skew the  numbers so much.  But since I am short on time and patience EVERY morning, so no promises.


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