Wii Fit Day 16: Sluggish

I admit it: I only did 20 minutes today.

It is 11pm and my legs are still aching from all the record breaking yesterday. Who knew how hard my legs had to work to catch a fish while in a penguin suit? So I while I feel slightly repentant, I am also inclined to give myself a break (not my strong suit).

Without the Wii I wouldn’t have been exercising at all tonight. There is not a chance in hell that I would have made it to a gym after getting home from work at 7pm. It just wouldn’t happen. Not to mention that I can make weekend plans with Ryan while I box. A+ for multi-tasking.

I am definitely growing bored of this version. I tried very hard to acquire a Wii Fit Plus, the updated version with routines, multi player mode and more games, but no dice. What the hell, world?

I can totally understand why they would have been sold out right after Christmas, but I can’t understand why the distributors haven’t been able to get a handle on this supply issue yet.

Some people will obviously wait it out. But some people will lose their post-Christmas exercise high (or find an alternative) and then everyone loses.


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