Wii Fit Day 18: “Plus” in Hand

So after 6 weeks of searching I was finally able to get my hands on the Wii Fit Plus.  They’re still sold out in the big stores but  after numerous phone calls, I found one at a Shopper’s Drug Mart off the beaten path.

I was looking forward to the plus for several reasons: routines, multiplayer and new games.

One major benefit of the “Plus” is the ability to easily switch between users.  In the past you had to go out to the main screen and then back in as a different Mii. Now, you can switch in about 3 seconds. It’s much better for playing with friends, but doesn’t offer a competition mode like I  had been expecting.

To my disappointment, it turns out that there aren’t new exercises exactly – all the same ones are available — but there is the addition of “Training Plus.” These games didn’t exist on the original Wii Fit, but they’re not what I would describe as part of a workout.  Mostly they are low-intensity games, but I’m loving the variety.

The first activity I tried was the “Rhythm Parade”. I marched in place while, I kid you not, my Mii played instruments and other Miis followed. The task appears to be shaking your remote at the appropriate time to hit a target.

Now I’m not sure if I have mentioned this before, but I am really REALLY bad at reacting to things on the screen.  I can’t play Guitar Hero or Dance Dance Revolution. My brain just doesn’t work that way.

My “Rhythm Parade” score was respectable, but I had a [very typical] meltdown half way through when the complexity of the moves exceeded my abilities.

Good news of the night: Lowest Wii Fit age ever today. 28! Sure, I’m only 24, but I started at 39.

I have lost about 4 kilos since  started. Hurray for my pants fitting again.


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