Dear Facebook

Dear Facebook,

Please stop the following:

1) Changing your design, then changing it back… and then changing it again.  Yes, I can adapt.  I can re-learn where things are, and I can figure out what you have renamed news feed items.  But I shouldn’t have to – especially when the changes don’t appear to be about enhancing my experience.

You might have noticed that internet fads are fleeting – if you’re not in touch with what your users actually want, you will lose.  I know Microsoft just gave you 240 million dollars, and Mr. Zuckerberg, you’re very rich.  But if you don’t want to keep the business going, just quit, and leave us in peace.

2) Suggesting friends! Sure, it wasn’t your fault when you suggested I reconnect with my recently dead friend – you didn’t know.  But when you suggest that I be friends with any person that I have two people in common with, it gets awkward.  I really don’t think it would be a good idea to “friend” my boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend.  Nor would it be a good idea to add an architect who happens to work with my boss sometimes, or someone else’s business contact.  Not to mention, every single friend of a couple I know (yes, there are two of them)

The problem with this is simple: a) 2 is not a large enough sample size and b) Facebook does not trust me enough to be able to pick my own friends.

This is not the dawn of social media – people know how to find other people.  Please allow me to use Facebook the way I would like to – with as many, or as few friends as I’m interested in.  Harassment does not make the heart grow fonder.

3) Making me give you a reason for disliking an ad.  You know why I hate this ad? Because it is a fucking ad.  It’s not due to a design flaw, or because is irrelevant or offensive.  It is because I am on your site to stalk a friend’s new date, or to see someone’s travel pictures, not to look at ads.

I know that I sound grumpy, but that’s because I am.  I want you to succeed because there are many great things about the service you offer.  But you’re really becoming more of a burden than a friend.

Please, I’m begging you, stop.


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