Wii Fit: What do you do when a bear crosses your path?

Punch it!

At least that’s what you do when you’re playing Gold’s Gym Cardio Workout.

Gold's Gym Bear Punching

It was unexpected. I unlocked the “roadway” game during my regular boxing workout and thought I should explore the other things this game has to offer. So when I was done boxing (and miraculously still had energy left over) I went to check it out.

It appeared to be a running on the spot exercise, similar to the one I wasn’t particularly fond of in Wii Fit. But I quickly learned that it was so much better. This game has bears!

It’s the kind of thing that Ryan or I would say to each other (when no one else was within earshot): “Hey, you know what this game is missing? Bears. Bears you can punch.”

Someone out there in video game land really gets me.

Even without the bears though, I really love this game.  I get completely invigorated by the punching.  I didn’t know I had so much pent up aggression but it feels amazing.

And being rewarded with virtual gold so I can buy new outfits for my avatar is pretty fun too.

The other thing these (video game creator) guys really seem to get is exercise.

Each day time I play I can either choose individual workout pieces or a prepared workout.  The prepared workout changes every time (I don’t think I’ve had a repeat yet) and this variety is part of why I have been playing this game almost exclusively since I got it.

I can jump an imaginary rope, or punch a virtual sandbag.  I can do sit-ups and push-ups (but I don’t), and run around punching bears.  There are boxing exams to test my skill level.

I can choose the level of intensity I’d like for that day (light, regular or hardcore) and the workouts start slow, and get more difficult.  Wii Fit does not address the issue of warm-up or progression of difficulty within a workout — and that’s a huge flaw.

Nintendo wanted to sell the “idea” of exercise at home, but didn’t want to commit.  That has created enormous opportunity for other developers to fill a very large market.  And there is no shortage of games to help fill the void.

Thank goodness for that.  I broke a sweat today in my living room.  Something must be working.


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