Oh, Florence

From http://www.flickr.com/photos/30287561@N08/4265421069

The past two days involved sleeping, hacking things up, and an aching throat.  Not to mention I hadn’t stood for more than 5 minutes since Thursday. But last night, despite all logic, I went to see Florence + the Machine at the Kool Haus.

Let me just say now that it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.

But it wasn’t the show I was expecting.  Actually, I take that back, it was completely the show I was expecting, but very unlike the album.

She opened with “Howl” – one of my favourite songs – and the crowd went wild.  There was so much energy in the crowd.  The sound levels were a bit off – it was really hard to make out some of the lyrics which was disappointing – but the power of her voice and the music were so perfect that it made it OK.

Her stage presence was reminiscent of Feist, but with 10 times the energy.  She’s quirky and wears a funny hat. She decorates her mic stand with flowers and wears a veil for almost an entire song.  She’s incredible sexy and unbelievably talented.  And she felt the music in a way that I have rarely seen.

I’m not really sure how to describe it without sounding totally cheesy, but as she banged the drum or moved on stage, I could see the music running through her as I felt it running through me.

And then when she spoke, she sounded so sweet, and British, and girlish.  If I hadn’t heard it, I wouldn’t have believed she was capable of so much sound.

Overall, it wasn’t as beautiful sounding as the album, but that’s sort of the point of live music isn’t it?  After all, if I wanted perfectly mixed and balanced songs, I would have just stayed at home.  What I got from this show was the person behind the music.  And I. Love. Her.

The smoke machine and pot smokers around me surely didn’t help my lungs, and the walk from the subway was exhausting, but sometimes you have to punish your body when it has spent the weekend punishing you.

Here’s a video of poor quality but it’s all I could find.


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