Today in Pop Culture: Hidden babies, dreamy idols, and weird recruitment tools

Sandra Bullock had a secret baby? Holy, celebrity gossip!

People Magazine’s exclusive scoop is pretty much the best kept celebrity secret in… I don’t know, ever?

Some people say it is easy for someone rich to keep a juicy tidbit to themselves (and of course many other “secrets” may not have been so secret after all).  But in a world of blackmail and lies, I’m beyond amazed that no one squealed.

Everyone in the blogging world has written about this today.  While my favourite gossip gal is in awe of Sandy’s class, Jezebel ask some fairly unfair questions that have obviously been running through many people’s heads today.

The picture does feel a bit reminiscent of Angelina Jolie’s and Madonna’s foreign adoption stories.  But soon after I thought that I told myself to stop being an ass.

Let’s stop assuming that there are insidious motives for adopting children.  While I’m sure part of the secret keeping was to avoid being accused of adopting a black baby as a stunt while campaigning for an Oscar for her role in the Blind Side, that doesn’t make her motives less sincere.  Maybe it’s just proof that we’re a fickle public that thrives on assuming the worst of people.

In other news, I was concerned that my predictions about Casey James winning this season of American Idol would come back to bite me in the ass after last week’s underwhelming performance.  But luckily, this week he came back with a vengeance.  If he can only keep it up, he’s got a good chance.

Even if he does go home, this performance made me melt just a little. Sigh. Oh Casey.

And finally, it seems that even Yale University likes Glee more than I do. Check out this recruitment video:
hint: you only need to watch the first two minutes to get the point


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