An open letter to Stephen Harper

Dear Stephen Harper,

You do not have permission to withhold my tax dollars from women who need help.

It is wrong for the government to be meddling in health care treatment, and it is wrong for the government to fund only one point of view in an obvious attempt to further a moral agenda and pander to anti-choice voters.

The Harper government’s decision is contrary to what other G8 countries – including the U.S. which won’t even fund abortions in its own country – and medical professionals recommend to save women’s lives in developing nations.

Refusing to fund agencies that do other crucial work in addition to providing safe abortions will be detrimental to the health of the mothers and children Ms. Oda claims to want to help.

Harper is expecting that people who hate abortion will love him for this, and no one else will bother to protest because it only affects women in developing nations.

Reproductive rights are protected by law in this country despite being unpopular with some people.  What’s the point of offering foreign aid if we don’t think the people receiving it deserve the same rights as Canadians?

With absolutely no love,


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One thought on “An open letter to Stephen Harper

  1. I’m still waiting for Stephen Harper to wake up and realize he’s the Prime Minister of Canada, not the president of a nation to our south…

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