Stars: I’m Still In Love With You

As I walked into the Mod Club the heat smacked me in the face. The air conditioner was broken.

It was dark. It must have been at least 30 degrees and the people lucky enough to get tickets to the sold out Stars show jammed the small, airless club.

As the band took the stage – only minutes after we arrived – my heart lit up. I really like Stars.

They’re gracious, and fun to watch. The music is pleasant, but not boring. They’re a good time live.

What was really great about this show was that they played their entire new album, The Five Ghosts, and then played a 7 song set of fan-favourite old stuff. It was like a double show.

The new album is good. It felt poppier than previous albums (though still with some weird synthesizer action going on) and the music felt better suited to Torquil Campbell’s voice.

It’s not that he’s a bad singer, but he’s not a great singer. What he is, though, is full of personality. He’s like a volcano erupting intensely weird facial movements and bravado all over the stage.

In contrast, sweet Amy Milan in her shiny mini dress has such a pretty voice. I could listen to her sing pretty much anything.  And while I’m sure she’d be cool to hang out with, she doesn’t exactly exude charisma on stage. But really, I can’t imagine any band with Campbell in it really has room for another rock star.

The heat and the strobing lights nearly got to me near the end of the first set, but their energy and my favourite songs brought me back and got me through it. It didn’t hurt that the Mod Club employees walked around with bottles of water (a liability issue, I’m sure) either.

All and all, totally worth having sweat drip down my back for 2 hours.


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