Sarah Palin’s “Feminism”

If you’ve been following me on Twitter… or in my living room… you’ll know that Kate Harding pretty much makes me drool with everything she writes.  I’m aware that my need to constantly profess my love for her is totally creepy.  But every time I try and find someone else who is pissed off, awesome, crazy smart, feminist, and funny – basically, everything I wish I could be as a writer – I’m disappointed.

When Tracy Clark-Flory (who I am actually very fond of) wrote this piece on Salon about Sarah Palin’s Bullshit Feminism, I kind of thought it was a joke.  I meant to blog my own rebuttal but… well I got distracted by life.  Luckily Kate Harding took care of it for me.

This is an excerpt from her post on

So, can’t I just agree to disagree with Sarah Palin – or at least to ignore her use of the term [feminism] and continue to go about my business? Well, evidently not, or I wouldn’t be writing this. The problem is, words mean things. I could start calling myself a red meat conservative, or campaign for those of us who are against the death penalty to “reclaim” the term “pro-life,” but at some point, the relationship between your beliefs and your choice of words either passes the sniff test or it doesn’t. And someone who actively seeks to restrict women’s freedom calling herself a feminist is, not to put too fine a point on it, a liar. There’s a difference between a big tent and no boundaries whatsoever; if Palin’s “entitled to be accepted” as a feminist just because she says she’s one, then the word is completely meaningless — as opposed to merely vague and controversial.

Read the rest of it here. Really, read it. It’s excellent


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