Capitalism Isn't Working
Courtesy of stuff_and_nonsense on flickr

–noun,plural-cos, -coes.
1.  a complete and ignominious failure.

It’s been said MANY times already, but putting the G20 summit in the centre of Canada’s biggest city is one of the dumbest things that Stephen Harper has ever done (Fake Lake falls under the umbrella).  And if it weren’t for [what I hope to be] the massive fallout over the enormous waste of money, I’d think he put it here just to punish us.

As if it weren’t bad enough that a 10 foot fence, at a cost of $5.5 million, and an illegal security company will prevent Torontonians from actually using their own city, the place will be virtually shut-down anyway.  I can’t fly a kite.  I can’t go to the CN tower or a baseball game.  Oh yeah, and I won’t be able to call anyone if something goes wrong because my cell-phone signal will be jammed.

The weekend is approaching quickly, and everyday something new and stupid is revealed.

The G20 brings out protestors with good reason.  It’s a chance for people to get the attention (at least, in theory) of the most powerful world leaders, and raise awareness of important issues like poverty, foreign aid, and the state of the world economy.

But with all the crap that Torontonians will need to put up with, I won’t be surprised if people come out to protest the waste of money, excessive security, and loss of freedom.

Frankly, the summit fiasco is enough to warrant protest.  But will this overshadow essential world issues that need attention?

Time will tell.  But so far, the media has been distracted with the small stuff.


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