A Little Help From My Friends…

Jerry Stamp Taylor Guitar
He's nicer than he looks... well, sort of.

Tired of trying to decide between a pile of crappy mayoral candidates? Vote Jerry instead!

My good friend, Jerry Stamp, is a rockin’ musician. He’s also trying very hard to win a competition. But damnit, the guy in first place won’t budge.

You can vote once per day, per email address  — not that I am suggesting anything underhanded.

The grand prize is session time at New York City’s Tainted Blue Studios (McCartney’s recorded there) and free gear (stuff I hear musicians need).

You can check out Jerry’s solo music on iTunes . Fun fact: I wrote the lyrics for one song – though it was intended as a gag, shouldn’t have ended up on any record, and is really nothing to be proud of. If you can find it, you get a gold star. While your credit card is out, download  some really great King Nancy tunes too!

Let’s take down Andy Brown together, folks. VOTE HERE.

**Other songs I’m credited as having a part of, but receive no royalties for? A completely made up song about anorexia, written as a high-school class project.  You can find it on the album Gingerbread… but it’s probably better that you don’t.


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