It really does get better

I really like the “It Gets Better” campaign. I know that not everyone does and there may be some validity to that — after all, bandwagons are easy to jump on, and often lead to glossing over of the more complicated issues.  But I really do believe that this campaign will be helpful to kids. At least one kid.

I had a hard time as a kid. I had a hard time in high school – and I wasn’t even gay (though Lizz is awfully close to….)  There was a time when I got picked on, and a time when I probably made other kids’ lives more difficult than they needed to be.  But when I look back, all I can say is “thank God it gets better.”

So maybe it’s oversimplified. Maybe it won’t solve the bigger issues.  But sometimes all you need is a little hope and a little understanding.


2 thoughts on “It really does get better

  1. Nicely put Lizz.

    It’s hard to understand why this is happening now. Maybe kids were bullied to death when I was a kid, but I don’t remember seeing any media coverage on it. I too was never a popular kid, had little friends, and teased more than anyone else in my class. I never thought it was bad enough that I had to end my life.

    I’ve worried about my younger brother doing it (he was teased, spit on and had rocks thrown at him when he was in high school).

    Perhaps once the kids charged in Phoebe Price’s death make their way through the court system we might see something done about bullying.

    And maybe it would help if we got rid of the phrase “kids will be kids,” because that feels like an excuse and a cop out to me. No bully deserves an excuse like that.

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