Why I’m voting for Joe Pantalone

To heck with your secret ballots boys, I’m telling.  Barring any horrible pre-October 25th scandals, I’m voting for Joe Pantalone.

The media tells me it’s a waste.  George Smitherman tells me  it’s a vote for Ford. But it’s not. It’s a vote for something I believe in.

I know that Pantalone isn’t perfect.  He’s not nearly enough of a bully to make it work, and he’s disappointed me throughout the campaign by refusing to acknowledge any mistakes – acknowledging the elephants in the room and coming up with a way to kill them would go a long way.  I’m even with my pal Greg who’s angry at Pants for being on the wrong side of the G20 debate (though I was one to call him on his “Joe can’t bike” policies), but Miller also messed that one up and I’d vote for him again too.

Because, at the very least, Miller and Pantalone generally represent what I believe in: complete streets, standing up for Toronto, unions, transit, and building a great city.

I’m not inspired by Pantalone, but I refuse to vote for the opposite of David Miller to make a point.  We need to build on the good things Miller did as mayor, and improve on things he did wrong.  It’s not rocket science.

There are numerous lesser known candidates I could choose from — maybe even some who will promise me subways and great bike lanes.  But while it bugs me that the media picked the big six and refused to let others debate, I was never going to vote for someone for mayor who has zero municipal/election/political experience and can’t even be bothered to put a platform on a website.  Having ideas is great, but until there’s some experience to back it up, I’m not interested.

Realistically, I think Pants will end up as a placeholder for the next Milleresque-left-wing bully.  But who knows, maybe he’ll surprise me.

In any case, my vote for Joe Pantalone is a vote for Joe Pantalone and against George Smitherman because ole’ Furious George has run an insincere campaign.  He worries me more than Rob Ford because his pandering gets confused for charm, and his run for mayor, as Pantalone put it, appears to be nothing more than a “consolation prize.”

Not in my Toronto.


4 thoughts on “Why I’m voting for Joe Pantalone

  1. You’ve got some balls there, lady. Ever since I started voting, I always vote strategic. Or I vote for who I know is going to win.

    Don’t know who I’m going to vote for next Monday, I’m still really up in the air. Perhaps your faith in the system will rub off on me and I’ll vote for the candidate I truly believe in and not Smitherman to stop Ford or Ford because he’ll win anyways.

    We need more voters like you, Lizz.

    1. I’m not so much brave as just fed up with all the bullshit. Plus I’m more afraid of Smitherman than Ford. Ford will be an embarassment, but he still has only one vote and isn’t exactly one to play nice in the sandbox.

  2. I too have never understood the concept of voting for anyone but for whom I believe in. Smitherman is a sleazy and disagreeable character. And although I find myself on the opposite side of the political spectrum, if the vote was between Pantlone and Smitherman, I would vote for Pantalone.

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