Christina Hendricks takes it off.

The weight, that is. Well maybe. She might be thinking of it. Or something.christina-hendricks-london-fog1

Which leads me to ask: Can we please stop talking about Christina Hendrick’s weight? When I google “Christina Hendricks weight” I get 266,000 results. It sounds like we need to change the conversation.

To what?

Well, for one, who made Hendricks the poster child for plus size women in Hollywood?  She certainly didn’t.  In fact, she’s said numerous times that she doesn’t like when people talk about her weight because it makes her self-conscious. So maybe we should talk about our obsession with women’s bodies as their entire value? Or perhaps we need to talk about our need to fetishize women who are different, while at the same time tearing them down?

And let’s stop pretending that we’re actually OK with “real” looking women in Hollywood (ignoring that Hendricks is far from the average “real” person). If we were, we wouldn’t be having this discussion.

I get that we like to live vicariously through women like Hendricks: “If she’s OK with her body, then maybe I can be too.” But self-hate comes from within. It sure is nice to see healthy women on TV, but that’s not a solution.

Now someone out there is surely screaming “I don’t hate my body, you jerk! I just like that Hendricks is good role model.”

Great. But instead, let her be a role model for controlling her own body not for maintaining an idealized weight.  Because bullying a woman into maintaining a plus size so she can be your role model is just as bad as bullying her into being skinny.



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