This is not my city

I didn’t think I’d feel this way.  I didn’t expect to wake up feeling sad and so full of anger and shame. But that was before Rob Ford was elected mayor of a city I thought I loved.

I was sick to my stomach as the results poured in.  My heart was racing. Tears filled by eyes throughout the night.  I sent Ryan out for liquor.

Because once it became a reality – that nearly 400 000 people voted for Rob Ford – it became a symbolic issue not just an issue of taxes and politics.

People keep telling me that it won’t be so bad – he probably won’t get anything done as “mayor” – and that’s what I thought would happen too.

But whether he keeps his promises or not, we still need to deal with the fact that a third of our city voted in favour of bigotry, keeping immigrants out of our city, allowing people to die on our streets, and lies – all in the name of fighting a mythical “gravy train” that runs on inaccurate information.  A vote cast for Rob Ford yesterday was a vote for selfishness and hate.

I probably need to get over it.  There’s nothing to be done. And hey, in 4 years, we’ll just hold another reactionary vote anyway.

But right now I’m grieving.


3 thoughts on “This is not my city

  1. It was a similar scene in my apartment last night. Shoes were thrown. Tears were shed. Emergency Jack Daniels was drank. A cat peed on the floor (possibly unrelated). I think it’s more like a quarter of voters (50% x 47% or so) voted in favour of lies, bigotry and injustice, and that’s a sad, harsh reality we’ll have to accept. But there is hope. 50% turnout is pretty spectacular, given recent elections. Also, more than one million Torontonians were not eligible to vote yesterday. I wonder how they feel about being represented by the likes of Rob Ford?

  2. From the cup half full files:

    This is getting progressives talking. Talking about how to unify, talking about how to address the issues that upset Ford voters, talking about next steps. Over here: in the comments there are already great discussions going on about what the cycling community should do.

    So we have a crappy mayor. We also have some of the best community organizers I’ve ever seen in a city and they’re doing amazing things. And now they have additional motivation to do so as well as motivation for those on the fence about getting involved to jump in and start working.

    I’m far from happy about this either, but I also see a potential silver lining here.

  3. I probably shouldn’t be responding to these sensational types of posts, but suffice it to say that while conservative teeth-gnashing is embarrassing and sometimes scary, this liberal doom-wailing is equally embarrassing and sometimes annoying.

    Ford is no more a bigot than you are. He just vocalizes what everyone else is thinking anyway. I’d rather someone’s faults be out in the open than hidden behind closed doors.

    He is not against immigrants – the fact is that in a given space you can only fit so many people, and unless you love urban sprawl (ugh, Mississauga), we’re beginning to reach the limits of what our ancient infrastructure can provide with regards to population density.

    As to people dying, I can’t comment on that, but if you’re referring to the ‘giving wine to drunks’, no one is forced to become an alcoholic; it’s a choice they make for themselves, and I have no pity or desire to support them.

    And lies? Everyone lies, especially to themselves. Show me a politician that hasn’t lied and I’ll show you baby Jesus.

    Finally, regarding the gravy train: His numbers may not add up or articulate the message properly, but the truth is there: this city has been wasting so much of our money for so little return it’s not funny. I bet you enjoyed the garbage and TTC strikes, didn’t you? No entitlement from years of gluttony there at all.

    I voted for Ford yesterday, but as someone who volunteers regularly and has been a caregiver, I take offense to being called selfish. And calling me a supporter of hate? Way to act no different than how you accuse Ford of acting.

    With all this said, I will not hesitate to vote against him next time if he falls below my expectations. I myself am for the city, not for a particular candidate.

    Have a good day.

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