International Women’s Day: Why feminsim isn’t passé

Susan B. Anthony (LOC)
I don’t know what I take the bait every time and read Margaret Wente’s nonsense. But I did. And it was as poorly thought out, under-researched, offensive, and so full of ass-hattery that I have been sucked into replying.

I will not, however, link to the article. If you haven’t read it, I leave it up to you if you want to contribute page views (and therefore money). But I’ll keep it short. Two reasons why Wente has done a disservice to women everywhere with “In the West, the war for women’s rights is over, and we won”

When Margaret Wente used the outrage at Justice Robert Dewar as proof that the west no longer needs International Women’s Day, she forgot two things:
1) We still live in a culture where rape happens (and clearly at least one, but we all know it is more) person blames women for letting it happen . Until there is no rape, we need feminism
2) International Women’s Day is about women everywhere (it’s in the name, Margaret). Even if I believed there was nothing left to be done in the west, there is still plenty of work to be done for the status of women in the world.
Pro-abortusdemonstratie / Pro abortion demonstration

I’m a feminist and International Women’s Day matters to me.

If you need more convincing, visit Shameless Magazine’s blog for a good ‘ole fashioned list of bad things that still happen to women.


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