Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Today’s Ryan’s birthday. Here are some of the reasons why he is rad:

1) He’s got a ridiculous, and pretty weird sense of humour.

2) He rides a bike crazy fast.

3) He writes good stuff, like this blog.

4) He thinks he’s less weird than I am, but that’s a lie. Also, he lies a lot.

5) He reads big books so I don’t have to.

6) He likes baseball and video games.

7) He’s kind even when I’m miserable and grumpy.

8 ) If you were trapped in a castle and the only way out was to answer a series of trivia questions on Shakespeare, Romans and/or the many incarnations of The Flash, he could totally help you out.

9) He’s a feminist.

10) He takes care of me when I’m sick.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Ryan!

  1. Can you clone him Liz. I am sure there are others who would really like him. When do we get to meet him.’


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