Supplementing Memories

Memory is a funny thing.  Things we might like to forget linger, and memories we’re desperate to recall remain stuck in unreachable places.  (I’ve blogged about my lack of mother memories before.)

In this digital world, our lives are documented.  If I die with young kids like my mum did, will my future children get to know me through blog posts and Twitter updates? (And would I want that?!)

My mum used to do a two minute column on CBC radio.  My father recorded each one from the radio onto a cassette tape.  So I’m going to share some with you so you can meet my mother in the same way I have to.

Here she is ranting about reading to kids and sucky books (keep listening to get a clip of me being super-adorable at age 2.)

Wednesday, April 6, 1988, “Learning to Read” on CBC Yukon’s Yukon Morning
Listen to Lorraine Young \"Reading to Kids\" here


2 thoughts on “Supplementing Memories

  1. Thank you so much for sharing. Your Mother and Aunts Gwen and Betty, as well as your Uncle Noel (who back then was just an annoying baby boy), and I go way back to grade and high school years in Carleton Place. We four girls started the first ever Pat Boone fan club and it grew to 4 members ;o). These were days of wonderful adventures and great stories. I truly loved my 3 girlfriends. I am very fortunate to have had them in my life and to still have Betty.

    Love again for sharing……..

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