The Skinny on gettin’ skinny(ish)

I wasn’t going to blog about Weight Watchers. It’s not that I’m embarrassed per se — I’ve blogged about weight loss  and exercise before — it’s mostly that blogging about it draws attention to my weight (which, obviously, if I don’t say it aloud people will totally not notice, right?). And discussing weight loss means you all know my goals, and then [potentially] will know my failures.

My brain=therapy gold mine.

But I’m two days into the program, and I feel compelled to over-share.

Here’s how it works – they take your age, sex, height and weight, and come up with some magical formula for the number of points you get to eat in a day. The draw of points is that you can theoretically eat whatever you want, you just have to count it. (veggies=0, Big Macs=something like 14 points).

The result is that you think about food all the time.

On the positive side, it forces you to measure everything and find ways to reduce the amount of something you’re consuming (do I really need 2 Tbsp of pesto in this dish? How about 1?) and to cut out of popping food into your mouth when you’re cooking or scavenging in the fridge.

But it also means I’m spending the day thinking about how I’m going to use my points — like a kid getting an allowance trying to figure out the best thing to spend the limited funds on.  Last night I found myself googling nutrition guides for frozen yogurt brands and restaurants.  I was plotting, planning. I made a spreadsheet.  I texted my friend who convinced me to join the program with her.

“What did you eat today? How many points do you have left? Are you going to make it?”

It’s madness.

The other trouble with the system is that healthy doesn’t always mean fewer points (despite their advertising).  I can have a salad for dinner and then use up my points on chips, or I can cook a proper meal with whole grains and beans and blow my quota.

But I guess it will be finding the balance. In a week I’ll either be thrilled or cursing the damn thing.  Maybe I’ll moonlight as a bookie and take your bets.


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