Sushi Time!

Sushi Cake

One of my Pinterest boards is dedicated to fancy cakes. I started it when I was practicing to make my brother’s wedding cake last fall, and it just keeps growing. When I came across this cake, topped with fondant sushi, I was inspired. But since fondant is less than delicious, it seemed like a waste to go to all that effort just to throw the pieces out at the end.

So instead, I decided to bake a cake, cut it into circles, and cover it in candy!

I baked two 9-inch vanilla cakes. In an effort to make my life easier, I used a mix (which is always delicious). Unfortunately, cake mixes produce really moist, flaky cakes which are a pain to work with. They don’t keep their shape well, and are difficult to ice. In hindsight, it would have been worthwhile to spend the extra two minutes measuring my own flour, and baking a firm butter cake from scratch. I like this one from Wilton.

After an early-morning trip to Bulk Barn, I set up a candy mise-en-place with chopped up jujubes, Finnish Fish, chocolate rosebuds, orange marshmallows (to act as ginger), and marshmallow jelly fruits.  I also got some pre-coloured green fondant to act as my seaweed. Roll it out as thin as you can without ripping it, then slice it in 1.5inch wide strips.

Roll the cake pieces up in the fondant strips so there’s a slight overlap. Trim the excess. Paint on a small amount of water on the end to help seal the fondant together.

Next, I piped icing on the tops of the fondant wrapped pieces to make maki, and on some plain cake pieces to make nigiri. I used whole Finnish fish with  fondant strip as the seaweed belt, and cut up pieces of jujubes, chocolate, and other gummies. Next, top with coconut, making sure to let the candy peek through.

And voila! Sweet-overload sushi! I even gave my guests chopsticks to eat with. It was a big success.

Sushi cake pieces


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