Metamorphostuff – Ryan talks about things – mostly comic book things – and how much he hates Margaret Atwood

Blanket Statements – the founders of Admiral Road reflect on juggling a business and raising families

Pink Collar – Leslie’s delightful blog of musings and deep thought

The General Ledger Thoughts from an accountant named Greg (who is not my father, the accountant named Greg )

The everyday … Kelly talks about stuff. Mostly everyday type stuff.

Ford For Toronto – Matt Elliott talks Toronto Politics in the Age of Ford

…and people I wish were my friends

Dinosaurs you should read about

What? a blog of pictures and strange things from the internet from the woman who is married to the guy who talks about the dinosaurs

Kate Harding – the blog of the writer I wish I could be

Gossip and snark. What more could you want?

Hay Ladies – Feminism, Texas Style


Support Todd in his journey in support of the Toronto People with Aids Foundation.


Everybody Likes Sandwiches – Great collection of easy to make food (she also makes pretty cards)

Whisk Kid – She taught me to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream and was on Martha Stewart. ‘Nuff said.

BEST online shopping:

Admiral Road offers beautiful, hand-made (in Toronto) baby, kid, adult and pet blankets.  The beautifully designed, and very durable blankets make lasting gifts.  Check ’em out.

The Beautiful Project makes really lovely cards for all occasions.

Queen Bee Creations has some other beautiful bags and other stuff. is a Canadian online pharmacy/drug and beauty store. They have a really great selection, fast service, and FREE shipping on anything. I’m so happy I found them! (they didn’t ask me to say that. For reals. I just really like online shopping.)

Clips to keep your skirt down when riding your bike.

Dress911 – Fast shipping, great selection, good prices.